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Everyone possesses the innate capacity for healing, yet occasionally, the body requires some assistance along the way. This is where my expertise comes into play. As a Clinical Reflexologist, I am dedicated to collaborating with you to reestablish equilibrium and rediscover your center. Together, we'll embark on a journey toward holistic wellness and vitality.

Reflexology First Appointment

During your appointment, I will conduct a review of your medical history and engage in a discussion with you to understand your aims for the reflexology session. Following this consultation, you will receive a professional and indulgent 60-minute treatment, during which meticulously crafted handmade balms and oils will be used to enhance your experience and promote optimal relaxation and well-being.


Reflexology Follow Up


This is the pinnacle moment for reflexology, as it allows for personalised care to unfold. After our initial consultation where I gain insight into your specific needs, I will perform a bespoke treatment tailored exclusively to you. This 50 minute session is designed to address your individual concerns and optimise the therapeutic benefits of reflexology.


AromaReflex Case Studies 


A beautiful treatment bringing together aromatherapy and reflexology, all in a bespoke package tailored completely to you. I am currently accepting case studies for this treatment, at a discounted rate of £30. The session involves creating a bespoke aromatherapy blend and using it in your treatment. You then take home this wonderfully scented balm to use twice a day to further enhance the therapeutic affects of the reflexology.


Reflexology for Fertility

£50 and then £45 for subsequent appointments

Reflexology for fertility serves as a valuable support during the conception process. Reflexology effectively reduces stress levels, enhances circulation to the reproductive organs, harmonises hormonal function, and offers invaluable emotional support.
During your initial appointment, I will go through your medical history, followed by a compassionate and thorough discussion regarding your fertility journey. Please allocate a duration of 2 hours for this initial session to ensure ample time for these vital consultations.

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Hand Reflexology


Experience all the advantages of reflexology without the need for foot manipulation! Ideal for individuals uncomfortable with foot touch or for elderly clients wish not to recline on the couch, I provide a serene hand reflexology treatment while you relax in my comfortable armchair. This nurturing and attentive approach ensures a deeply comforting experience.

Hand Massage

Top to Toes


An indulgent treatment incorporating touch therapy head massage and classical reflexology. Utter bliss.

Head Massage

Children's & Under 18's Reflexology


A shorter reflexology session for under 18's.  Please note the treatment itself is 30 minutes , but there will be additional time needed for a consultation.  For these appointments a parent or guardian must be present (for insurance purposes)

Wet Feet

Block Booking Offer

Experience the wonders of reflexology, and save money too!

When you book and pay for four sessions with me, you’ll receive an exclusive 15% discount, allowing you to immerse yourself in reflexology for a reduced rate. 

Message me now to take advantage of this opportunity. 

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