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Mediums Used in Treatments

Throughout my treatments, I prioritise the utilisation of premium-quality products tailored to my clients' needs. I opt for natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Among my preferred suppliers are esteemed manufacturers renowned for their commitment to excellence in skincare formulations.

Songbird Naturals 

Songbird Natural Waxes harness the power of a distinctive blend of beeswax (or its vegan counterpart for a vegan wax alternatives) and 100% natural ingredients. Their waxes offer an unparalleled experience for both therapists and clients alike. Presented in a semi-solid form, they effortlessly melt upon contact with the skin, providing a medium that ensures optimal control, smooth application, and a flawless finish.
Their primary objective is to deliver the ideal grip, granting therapists unparalleled control for reflexology treatments with an indulgent experience for the client.


Flying Wild

Flying Wild balms are thoughtfully crafted with the understanding that no single ingredient alone can create the perfect medium. Instead, they believe in harnessing the healing synergy of organic butters and oils. Their formulations are the result of extensive study, learning, and hands-on experience with each individual carrier oil and butter. It is through this profound understanding and expertise that they are able to achieve a harmonious blend, where each ingredient complements the others, resulting in truly exceptional balms.

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Tisserand Aromatherapy

Tisserand combines tradition, science, and performance to offer products that enhance your well-being every day.
Inspired by millennia-old practices,  their products blend essential oils with modern solutions for today's lifestyles.
Their products leverage the influence of essential oils on the olfactory bulb, a key component of the limbic system responsible for processing emotions, survival instincts, and memory formation. Their products also contain omegas, antioxidants, and vitamins proven to support skin health.
Meticulously formulated with optimal levels of essential oils, their products deliver reliable results for both mind and body.

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Neal's Yard Organic 

Pioneering natural and organic health and beauty, Neal's Yard believe in holistic well-being that emanates from within. By harnessing the power of the finest natural, ethically sourced herbs, botanicals, and essential oils, free from unnecessary chemicals, they create blends to harmonise outer beauty with inner health.
They are committed to crafting holistic, effective natural and organic health and beauty products, allowing you to feel and look your best naturally, while caring for both people and the planet.
They value honesty, fairness, and kindness. They prioritise minimising their environmental impact, they campaign for worthy causes, and  source sustainable ingredients, ethically manufacturing products, and treating people with respect where ever they go.


Absolute Aromas

Absolute Aromas was established in a small London flat in 1994.
While essential oils inherently harness the potent properties of plants, Absolute Aromas places a strong emphasis on the quality of plant ingredients, the extraction process, and the purity of the final product. Their commitment is to provide customers with the finest essential oil products, ensuring trustworthiness, integrity, and consistency. With dedicated laboratory facilities, Absolute Aromas maintains stringent quality control measures to guarantee that therapists receive exceptional quality in every single batch.

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